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Image Shark Tank India

Shark Tank India

Release Date 2023-03-13
Runtime 50 minutes
Genres Reality
Stars Rahul Dua

Aspiring entrepreneurs from India pitch their business models to a panel of investors and persuade them to invest money in their idea.

1. Entrepreneurship Ki Lehar Ek Baar Phirse


After the grand success of Season 1, Shark Tank India is back with its second installment. Hoovu Fresh, Dorje and Recode Studios present their pitches to the sharks. Will they get an investment?

2. A Bigger Vision


Very Much Indian's' sarees, 'WatchOut Wearables' smartwatch for kids, and 'SoupX's' healthy soups. Which idea will impress the sharks?

3. Thrilling And Thunderous Pitches


Atmosphere Kombucha' for gut health, 'Stage' ott platform and 'Girgit' with their colour-changing clothes and shoes. Which pitch will impress the sharks?

4. Idea Meets Opportunity


Gear Head Motors' with their revolutionary e-cycle, 'Patil Kaki' with their namkeen and sweets and 'Brandsdaddy' with their auto fire extinguisher. Which company will take home the sharks' investment?

5. Investing In The Future Of India


Beauty appliances by 'Winston', shoes by 'Flatheads' and herbal cigarettes by 'Organic Smokes'. Which brand's presentation will make the sharks invest?

6. Determined Entrepreneurs


Unsweetened beverages by 'Tea Fit', government scheme provider 'Haqdarshak' and puranpoli by 'Bhaskar's Puranpoli Ghar'. Will the pitchers put their best foot forward to impress the sharks?

7. Shaandar Businesses


Bringing games into learning through 'GunjanApps Studios', delivering creative salads through 'The Simply Salad' and revolutionizing medical equipment technology through 'AyuSynk'. Which business idea will impress the sharks?

8. Investment With Intent


A boon for the visually impaired by 'Atypical Advantage', chikankari suits by 'House of Chikankari' and DNA jewellery by 'Magic of Memories'. Will these pitchers manage to raise investment for their companies?

9. Invest In Lifestyle


A hair dye brand 'Paradyes', 'Nestroots' with their unique home products and 'CoezySleep' with their sleep relaxer. Who will grab the Sharks' attention and earn their investment?

10. Zillionaire Banne Ki Chah


A new age lifestyle brand 'Zillionaire', 'Credmate' with their new world of credit and 'Freebowler' with their innovative bowling machine. Who will make their dreams come true by earning the Sharks' investment?

11. Investing The Right Way


Organising children's playtime by 'ABC Fitness Firm', education and skill development through android laptops by 'Primebook' and learning to use kitchen waste effectively by 'Daily Dump'. Which investor will manage to match their vision with the sharks?

12. Pitchers Ki Undying Spirit


Unique skincare solutions by 'Ghar Soaps', an innovation for saving lives at birth by 'Janitri' and India's first micro luxury watches by 'Jaipur Watch Company'. The pitchers give in their all to bag an investment.

13. Up And Coming Business Ideas


India's first consumer-based drones by 'inside FPV', size-inclusive clothing by 'Angrakhaa', and low glycemic food items by 'Diabexy'. Will the sharks put in their valuable investment in these brands?

14. Investment Worthy Ideas


Adventure safety gadgets by 'Kyari', India's first parathas and pakoras by 'Mopp Foods' and eco-friendly living by 'Econiture'. Will the pitchers get their desired funding?

15. Changing The Face Of Indian Entrepreneurship


Candies by 'Dobiee', logistics solution by 'FastBeetle' and portable uroflowmetry test by 'P-flow'. Will the pitchers impress the sharks?

16. Pitchers Ki Taiyyari


South Indian filter coffee and snacks by 'Vs Mani and Co', motorcycle canopy by 'Sepal' and water sanitation asset management by 'Solinas'. With their impeccable pitches, which entrepreneur will manage to bag a deal?

17. Innovation, Hardwork And Diligence


A mix of ayurvedic and modern ingredients by 'Avimee Herbal', affordable eyewear by 'Eyenic', and a sustainable artisanal brand by 'Ekatra'. Will the pitchers get their desired investment?

18. Business Ideas With Potential


Hygenic and safe food karts by 'Raasa', a tech wheelchair by 'Neomotion', premium fruit popsicles by 'Licksters' and innovating the use of petticoats by 'Sayonara'. Which startup idea will the sharks invest in?

19. Building Brands For India


India's first two-seater electric car by 'PMV, modern spice sauces by 'Spice Story' and a stock market gaming app by 'Bullspree'. Will these businesses receive funding from the sharks?

20. Nurturing Indian Entrepreneurs


Fast fashion brand for men by 'Snitch', an interactive fitness mirror by 'Portl' and economical diet solutions by 'Fat to Slim'. Will these entrepreneurs impress the sharks to invest in their businesses?

21. Adhbhut Aur Anokhe Entrepreneurs


Cheesecakes by 'Cheesecake and Co', safe art products for children by 'Dabble', personalised tailoring solutions for women by 'Cloud Tailor' and an e-commerce marketplace by the LGBTQ community called 'Be Unic'. Will the entrepreneurs impress the sharks with their business ideas?

22. Making Big Businesses


Domestic help solutions by 'Broomees', hair care solutions by 'Ravel' and safe bee products by 'Honey Veda'. Will the sharks invest in these startups?

23. Changing The World


A sanitary napkin disposal system by 'Padcare', an artisanal kitchenware and home decor brand 'Swadeshi Blessings', and a skill development app 'OLL'. Who will get the sharks' attention?

24. India Ke Incredible Entrepreneurs


An advanced tractor by 'Geeani' designed for Indian farmers having small farms, an authentic and vegetarian gelato and sorbet company, ‘Amore’, and a floral jewellery brand, ‘Leafy Affair’. Who will impress sharks the most?

25. Badhta India


Mukul Chhabra’s modern-day Kabadiwala app called ‘ScrapUncle’, a nutritious flour company ‘Sharma Ji Ka Aata’ and a haircare brand especially for curly hair ‘Manetain’. Who will win sharks’ hearts today?

26. Bharat Badal Raha Hai


A new-age streetwear fashion brand 'Gavin Paris', an online platform for hiring competitions called 'Unstop', and an all-new herbal tea brand called 'Blue Tea'. Which startup will walk away with the investment?

27. Nayi Soch Naye Vichaar


A healthy snacking company called 'Green Snack Co', a unique range of arts and crafts products by 'Hobby India', an Indian furniture company that focuses on space utilisation called 'Flhexible' and a gaming production team doing a wide array of things in the gaming industry called 'Upthrust'. Will the sharks be impressed with these start-ups?

28. Game Changers


A masala brand called 'Zoff' intends on making the masala industry a little more spicy and exciting, 'Desi Toys' wants to make playtime educational by creating toys that double as learning tools, and 'Cloudworx', a web-based IDE that lets users build applications and workflows for 3D content without writing any code. Which of these start-ups will impress the judges?

29. Pulse Of The Country


An innovative machine for tea sellers by ‘Mahantam’, 'Mindpeers' with their digital tool that helps users with mental strength and 'Barosi' with their organic natural products. Will the sharks be impressed?

30. Changing India


The founders of the iconic Butter Chicken 'Daryaganj', a unique electric invention for the regular cycle by 'Dhruv Vidyut' and 'CELLBELL' a company dedicated to providing quality gaming chairs. Which pitch will impress the sharks?

31. Innovations And Investments


A unique bike for toddlers by 'Tipayi', an app that connects users to specialist doctors called 'DigiQure', and 'Nirmalaya', a company that makes incense sticks from floral wastes. Will these pitches impress the sharks?

32. Pitch Perfect


Vibrant Rabari handicrafts by 'Pabiben', a home storage and solutions brand called 'Homestrap', a smart natural air purifier that helps you breathe better indoors by 'Ubreathe' and a chatbot that helps travellers plan their trip by 'Deyor'. Which pitch will impress the sharks?

33. Growing With India


A 24x7 guidance and tracking app for pregnant mothers called 'iMumz', a ready-to-eat healthy snacking brand called 'The Healthy Binge', and a fast fashion apparel brand for Indian women called Freakins. Who will walk away with an investment from the sharks?

34. Growing Ideas Into Successful Businesses


Oral care products by 'Perfora', plus size night wear by 'Midnight Angels' and AI-based vision therapy website by 'CureSee'. Which pitcher will impress the sharks?

35. Business Ideas Ka Pitara


Ambulance services by 'Medulance', flavourful cakes by 'Cakelicious', a sports-based gaming platform called '' and a toddlers specialist indoor toy brand called 'Toyshine'. Which pitcher will take home the sharks' investment?

36. Anokhe Pitchers Ke Anokhe Ideas


A brain smartwatch by 'Neuphony', an ayurvedic lifestyle brand called 'Amrutam', and an augmented reality company named 'HoloKitab'. Will the pitchers manage to raise funding from the sharks?

37. Bharat Ka Kal


A holistic health and wellness brand called 'Zoe Nutrition', a foldable cycle by 'Hornback', a beverage brand called 'Malaki' and a filtration technology called 'Nano Clean'. With their unique pitches, will the pitchers impress the sharks?

38. Innovation And Imagination


An Indian alcoholic brand called 'Desmondji', a cheese brand called 'Cremeitalia', an online ecosystem for fuel by 'Nawgati' and a subscription based electric vehicle rental company called 'Swytchd'. Who will get an investment today from the sharks?

39. Revolutionary Ideas And Successful Businesses


A family-friendly protein brand named 'Gladful', a smart medicine box called 'Pharmallama', a Kolkata-based cloud kitchen called 'Crave Raja Foods' and a night incense stick brand 'Va Perfumes'. With revolutionary ideas in the tank, who will raise an investment?

40. Creating Valuable Businesses


A pseudonymous social network called 'Hood', Asia's largest turkish ice cream chain called 'Twisting Scoops' and protective farming products by 'GrowiT'. Will the entrepreneurs raise an investment for their businesses?

41. Out Of The Box Business Ideas


Nachos and nuts by 'Makino', a diagnosis and monitoring platform for chronic diseases by 'Trunome', a consumer 3D printing brand called 'WOL3D' and a healthy gummy by 'What's Up Wellness'. Will the pitchers impress the sharks with their vision?

42. Building Businesses From Scratch


A premium strong beer brand called 'Proost', a hygienic ice cube brand called 'Dr Cubes', an AI-based EV vehicle booking platform by 'Metro Ride' and a skill-based startup called 'Conker App'. Will the sharks show their interest in these businesses?

43. Creating Value Through Ideas


A budget smart restaurant chain called 'WTF', a platform that helps teenagers earn called 'Funngrow', a company that sells goat and camel milk products called 'Aadvik' and bedroom gifts by 'Oye Happy'. Will these pitchers make an impression on the sharks?

44. Entrepreneurship Ka Junoon


India's biggest healthy munching brand called 'Healthy Master', a one-stop shop for toys, gifts, stationery, art and craft and books called 'Kitsons', desserts by 'London Bubble Co.' and vegan pet ice creams by 'Waggy Zone'. Will these pitchers impress the sharks with their products?

45. True Meaning Of Entrepreneurship


Oilless and waterless cookware by 'NutriCook', a home IUI kit by 'Subhag', quality turbans and personal care products for Sikhs by 'Singh Styled'. Will the pitchers get their desired investment?

46. Different Colours Of Entrepreneurship


Customised cricket bat by 'Zsportstech', unique plates made by artists under 'The Plated Project', a one-stop solution for all photographic needs by 'VsnapU' and healthy protein bread by 'The Health Factory'. Which business idea will grab the sharks' attention?

47. Tunnel Se Tank Tak Ka Safar


Hourly hotel bookings by 'Brevistay', a peer-to-peer network by 'SoulUp, a solution for readers by 'The Big Book Box and ChapterOne Books'. How will these pitchers fare in front of the sharks?

48. Pitchers, Investments And Businesses


Trend-setting fashion jewellery by 'Rubans', a notification tracking app called 'Same Notification', portable jet sprays by 'Bottom Line Sprays', and unique haldi chocolates by 'Lil' Goodness'. Will these ideas impress the sharks?

49. Businesses Adding Value To Society


Empowering women through modest clothes by 'Forever Modest', a solution for the mobility impaired by 'Sahayatha', healthy pasta and noodles by 'Wicked Gud' and trendsetting bags by 'Maisha'. Are these brands worthy of investment from the sharks?

50. Season Finale With The Sharks


Hair extensions for women by 'Nish Hair' and public bicycle sharing service by 'MYBYK'. On the season finale of Shark Tank India Season 2, will these entrepreneurs make a mark with their pitches?

51. Gateway to Shark Tank India


A packaged food brand called 'GO DESi', an ayurveda brand called 'The Ayurveda Co.', a wine company from Arunachal Pradesh called 'Naara Aaba', and a stylish clothing brand for kids called 'StyloBug'. Which pitcher will get an investment ?